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What Makes Grinding Tools Work Faster and Longer

Grind tools are expensive and are made of heavy duty, but their life cycle depends on many factors. There are many facts and figures that can really help in making grinding tool work faster and longer as grinding tools are expensive investments and needed to be done very carefully because the low quality or inappropriate size may cause serious damage, as well as money, will go in total waste because there is nothing you can do now.

We are one of the most trusted diamond dressers manufacturers, India, where we offer the best quality of tools for the industrial use with better performance and long life. Grinding tools working and life depends on two major factors which are gritted size and bonding. Grit size and bonding are two crucial facts that help grinding tool works faster and longer. Now if you are wondering what we are saying then read further to know.

Grit size

Diamond grits are used to do the grinding which obviously means that the heavier and bigger they are, the more aggressively they will grind which ultimately points out that the grinding tool works faster with the right size of grit. The size of grit directly proportional to the grinding tool’s works which mean that, if you want the grinding tool to work faster then chooses the right size of a grinding tool for the work. The main issue that occurs with the grinding tools is the size of the grinding wheel. When the grit is not according to the work it starts to cause trouble, whether it is larger or smaller it should be according to the work.


Another important factor that plays important role in the grinding tool is their bonding. Actually, the work grinding need grits to work simultaneously to perform the task faster and longer which effectively obtain by the right bonding. Incorrect bonding may cause serious damage, as well as wrong bonding, may reduce the lifetime of the grinding tool. If the workload is heavier than, it needs heavier grit and bonding to perform the task otherwise lower ranging grit and bonding will struggle to do the task which seems more costly than a good pair of the grinding tool.

The grinding tools may look expensive, but the working they perform is worth the price, especially when you need a grinding tool that works faster and longer. Grit size and bonding is the combination you need accurate according to your work as the lifetime of grinding tool and its functionality totally depends on the grit size and bonding.

There are other factors as well that contribute in the grinding tools that work faster and longer. These factors are:

  • Quality of grit
  • Right tool for the right job
  • Safe operation with proper safety features
  • Right, spark flow according to the requirement.
  • Proper attention to the working angles as the right angle makes it work faster and longer. We are one of the most renowned diamond
  • Adapt right technique for the work according to their requirement.

Grinding tools are heavy duty tools that perform industrial tasks and need to work faster and longer. We are the most renowned diamond dresser manufacturer in Pune that offers the best quality grinding tool with a perfect combination of grit and bonding.

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