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Tips for cutting with diamond cutting wheels / blades

It is an irrefutable fact that diamond wheels are by far one of the best materials to make neat and accurate cuts in very abrasive materials ranging from concrete paves to asphalt. With right selection of wheel and good cutting practices and techniques, it is absolutely possible not only to increase the longevity of blades but also to attain good cutting speed and value for money. Having associated with production of diamond / CBN grinding wheels for more than three decades, we can categorically state that proper techniques are very much essential to ensure the safety of operating personnel. So what are those salient tips and techniques that need to be adopted while cutting with diamond wheels? Let us elaborate

  • Selection of right wheel: Firstly it should be clearly understood that all blades are not suitable for every job. Be it asphalt, green concrete, sandstones, natural stones, concrete block pavers, concrete slabs, ceramic, porcelain or granites, right selection of blade that conforms with the abrasive nature of the material is very much essential to avoid the following:
    • Early wear and tear of blade
    • Injuries while performing
    • Shattering of job piece

    For instance, while a blade with soft segment can efficiently cut granite slabs, it may wear out very quickly when deployed for the purpose of green concrete or asphalt.

  • Identification of quality: Having chosen the right material, it is very much essential to ensure its genuineness. Yes, genuine blades that are produced only in strict compliances with EN 13236 can deliver desired results. Moreover, a genuine blade shall invariably carry all the necessary safety and health instructions, dimensions and recommended maximum speed. Needless to say, not violating the specified maximum speed of the blade would pave way for efficient and safe cutting.
  • Preparation of job material: It is time now to look on those specific details that ensure safety of the operation. Remember, a detailed preparation always pays rich dividends in the form of neatness of job and safety of the operating personnel.
    • Ensure the rigid support of job
    • If necessary, secure the job so that it does not roll or slip off
    • Also, it is definitely crucial to provide proper supports for the job to avoid vibrational distortions.
  • Execution of job: The salient tips and techniques that are very much essential during the execution of the job are listed below:
    • Adopting good sequence of operation can be easily stated as the one of the best ways to achieve clean cut and avoid jamming of blades.
    • It would definitely not be a bad idea to leave small ridges to hold the job while cutting and break those ridges later.
    • Having a good idea about the weight of the job, its tension level, and a fair knowledge about its movement after cutting would ensure safe operation.
    • When several passes needs to be made while cutting, make a cutting line and proceed along with it.
    • Under no circumstances, the wheel should be tilted.
    • The cutting depth should not be increased beyond two inches and if more depth is necessary, multiple passes should be made.

Well, the safe operation with cutting wheel always rests with the right blade and operational skills. We at Jain Precision tools offer the best quality of grinding wheels so as to render the best and efficient quality of work. Contact us for your needs and be rest assured about the quality.

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