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Uses of diamond cutting tools

Being one of the hardest and highly abrasion resistant materials known to mankind, no wonder diamonds find a unique place in the manufacturing industry. Be it for automotive or aerospace industry, where precision machining is not an option but a stringent norm, diamond cutting tools can be the savior to yield high productivity. It would not be wrong in place to quote facts that a diamond coated tool can has ten times more life than a conventional carbide counterpart and also can deliver a higher rate of cutting rates. So, where exactly do diamond tools find their application in industry? Let’s find it out!

Construction industry: Diamond cutting tools can be easily labeled as the primary heavy machining tool in the arsenal of a construction industry. With diamond cutting tool sets in your kit, it becomes very easy to cut tough substances such as concrete, asphalt, stone and brick. No matter whether the requirement is for making a drill of 8 mm or a 5 feet deep cutting in the concrete structure, it becomes a child’s play with diamond cutting tools.

Automotive industry: While manufacturing several critical components and parts for automotive industry, it becomes highly imperative to maintain the speed of operation to ensure smooth flow of operation. Although carbide tools can very well carryout the work for aluminium materials, it is not fast enough and moreover can get deteriorated in shorter span of time. With diamond cutting tools, it becomes very easy to achieve the desired feed rate and also to elongate the tool life.

Aerospace industry: With stringent requirement of strength and rigidity, it is not surprising to see aerospace industry making use of wide range of materials for their components. For instance, composite materials and nickel alloys are extensively used in aerospace industry to achieve good results for their components, but unfortunately conventional tools cannot be utilized for their machining. Diamond tools with their adept ability to deliver high precision machining at incredible speed is extensively used in this sector to arrive at the desired results.

Fabrication industry: Diamond coated carbide tools are renowned for providing better chip control. As tools of any shape can be coated with diamond, it assumes a significant role as endmills or inserts to deliver excellent results and speed. As a matter of fact, no other material other than diamond coated carbide tools can deliver better output while machining graphite or other composite materials.

Why diamond tools are preferred?

Ask any diamond tools manufacturer on what makes diamond an excellent choice for machining industry and they all would point their fingers towards its outstanding physical properties. Yes, diamond outshines every other material in most of the criteria that are required in the machining industry.

  • Highest hardness enables diamond to deform any material
  • High elastic modulus makes the diamond cutting tool to withstand high machining forces without much of deformation.
  • It is a boon for precision machining industry through small cutting edge deformation.
  • Ability to maintain high strength even at elevated temperatures.

To find out how our wide variety of diamond cutting tools can enhance your productivity and reap more profits for your organization, contact us today.

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