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How to work safely with diamond blade cut-off machines

The word diamond blade cut-off machines have become synonymous with precision and accurate cuts in construction industry. Be it for making flat works or big cuts these cut-off machines play a vital role. But it does come with a rider – need for extra safety. With discs rotating at unimaginable high speed, it can easily cut into the flesh within a fraction of second, if proper safety precautions are not adopted. Hence safe working practices is a need of the hour before picking diamond blade cut-off machines, says one of the reputed blade type diamond dressers manufacturers in the world.

  1. Familiarity of operation procedure: Novice or experienced hand, the entire functioning and working methodology of blade cut-off machines needs to be clearly understood by each operator. And ofcourse, it is imperative for the operators to be familiarized with all the safety features available in the machine.
  2. Personnel Protective equipment (PPE) and clothing: It is strongly discouraged to operate cut-off machines without proper PPE and clothing.
    1. Non-fogging, amply vented safety face screen or goggles and a head gear.
    2. Proper clothing that does not disturb free movement of hands.
    3. Sturdy gloves and robust boots with sole made out of non-slip material
  3. Blade / wheel selection: The need of dry or wet wheels is usually decided by the materials to be cut and any sort of mix-up is likely to cause a major mishap. Hence extra caution needs to be adopted while making the right choice of materials that are perfectly in sync with the technical requirement.
  4. Usage of wheels: While beginning to cut with the wheel, never apply extra force on them. A gradual forward speed is the best recipe for a clear and safety cut. If possible, keep the wheel moving always with a back and forth motion to avoid sudden chipping of materials. And the additional word of caution – any sort of twisting or turning a wheel in the cut or using the sides of wheel for cutting is very much akin to inviting trouble.
  5. Speed: Every diamond wheel comes with a maximum recommended speed and come what may, never and ever, exceed those values. And if you are apprehensive about the speed of machine, it would definitely prove to be a better choice if the job execution is suspended until the cloud of uncertainty is cleared.
  6. Watch out for wheels: Although it seems to be a trivial chore, it is very much advisable to check wheel before each use. Without an iota of doubt, discard the wheel if found to have cracks, flaws or undercuts.
  7. Fire safety: As a good engineering safety practice, barriers to restrict the entry of other personnel and placement of fuel powered engines beyond 3 meters should always be followed. And needless to say, don’t forget to have a suitable fire extinguisher at an accessible location.
  8. Blade operation: Make sure the work piece is secured properly to prevent rolling or sliding. Also completely avoid the blade operation on an unstable platform or surface such as ladders. The key for safe operation is to have a safe and firm footing that is completely devoid of stumbling choices.

With other safety operations such as proper holding of machine, extra precaution while cutting metals, frequent maintenance checks and strict adherence to statutory laws, the chances of any sort of mishap drastically comes down to a miniscule value. Indulge in safe operation and enjoy best of your efforts by arriving at perfect cuts!

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