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What Are Diamond Tools And How Are They Used?

Any idea on how to carry out cutting or grinding of some of the known hard materials such as rock, concrete or steel? Well, the answer is quite simple – a diamond tipped tool that is much harder than these materials. Armed with a diamond tipped tool, it is absolutely possible to make high precision cuts with perfect control. But what are these diamond tools and where do they find application? Well, being one of the renowned diamond dressers manufacturers, it is infact obligatory on our part to explain in detail. Here we go!

What are diamond tools?

In general tools are widely used in manufacturing sector for grinding, cutting and other mechanical processes. But the going gets tough when the substance to be shaped or processed is hard in nature and unless a sufficiently high harder material is used, the output with respect to precision and accuracy cannot be assured. Precisely, this is where diamond tools come into play. Diamond tipped tools are available in plethora of shapes and variants to cater the specific need of the job. For instances diamond cutters have donut shapes, saws in band shaped blades and much more.

How do they work?

So, how do diamond tipped tools work better than their other counterparts? Well, the credit can be completely owed to the hardness and abrasive nature of diamond. In general, a diamond tool consists of three important aspects

  1. Support blade
  2. Wire or drill tube with a cutting edge
  3. Segment or beads containing diamonds and metallic powder bond.

Thanks to the abrasive nature of diamond, when the tool rotates at high speed, it creates deep grooves or cuts on the materials that are being subjected for processing.

Application areas

With enhanced ability in cutting and grinding processes, it is not surprising to witness application of diamond tools where the challenge points finger towards the hardness of the underlying substance.

  • Aerospace industry: Application of diamond drilling tools to create high precision components made out of titanium and CFRP (carbon reinforced polymers). Also diamond dressers find their use in the manufacture of complex profiles such as those in turbine blades.
  • Mining industry: Diamond drill bits are the de-facto choice of mining industry when it comes to drilling rocks. Yes, with binders such as tungsten carbide or tungsten it is very much desirable to opt for diamond grit to arrive at best solutions for mining and other allied processes.
  • Oil / gas exploration: Rightly selected diamond tools exhibit their best of performance when it is subjected to some of the harsh conditions. For instance, when the abrasive power of diamond joins hands with the impact resistance of tungsten carbide, it becomes the best of choice to have better and cost-effective drilling for oil and gas exploration.
  • Construction industry: Diamond tools have become an indispensable accessory in construction industry for variety of applications that include processing of stones, drilling of concrete and RCC, road repairs, machining and surface finishing of glass and ceramics and much more.
  • Manufacturing industry: Grinding pins find their application in external and internal grinding of a wide range of materials that include Bakelite, fiber-glass, carbides, and graphite.

Well, the versatile diamond dressers tools make the list of applications go on and on. In a nutshell, diamond tools are boon for the industry sector, if not for which the precision cutting or grinding of hard materials would have remained a distant dream.

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