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Why Use Electroplated Diamond or Cubic Boron Nitride Tools?

Why Use Electroplated Diamond or Cubic Boron Nitride Tools?

The of diamond and CBN plated tools well justified!

Electroplating is a chemical process that makes use of the steady electrical current for the deposition of a particular substance that is derived from the electrolyte solution in the process chamber. The plating is as thin as .05 mm and is ensured through deposition of individual ions that move towards the opposite charge. The plating of jewelry with gold or silver is an age old process while some specialized plating processes have been also developed to address the particular applications in industrial/enterprising ambience. Diamond and cubic boron nitride coating is done on the surface of the grinding and cutting wheels for the purpose of effective material removal. The traditional cutters and grinder tools are made of steel, corundum or carbide and are good for diverse applications. However, when it comes to specialty applications like making aerospace components and such others, then electroplated CBN grinding wheels are considered the best choice.

The diamond and CBN coated tools

Diamonds being the hardest known material to man has been also adopted as the best abrasive for material removal functions like in cutting, grinding and polishing tasks. This makes diamonds the desirable choice for making cutting tools that are today available in plentitudes to suit the different niches and applications in them. While most tools involve resin bonded or sintering metallurgy techniques to develop the abrasive surface, electroplated diamond tools have their own advantage that becomes vital when working in extreme precision applications. In the diamond electroplated tools, the bond material remains below the tips of the diamonds that protrude out of the base matrix. This type of arrangement makes the material removal more effective because the diamonds cut through easily while at the same time the bond material does not get impacted with the substrate surface. A direct corollary of this arrangement is the least heat generation and thus the efficiency of the tool is enhanced significantly. The wear characteristic as also the degeneration of the diamond surface is reduced.

In CBN plated wheels, the diamonds are replaced by the cubic boron nitride - a compound whose hardness is second only to the diamonds. The electroplated diamonds and CBN grinding wheels manufacturer companies are offering a diversity of products to suit the custom requirements in different segments of enterprising.

The CBN grinding wheels

The CBN coated grinders have been developed to attend to specific concerns and issues that emerged with the diamond coated tools! These pertain to the high temperature degeneration of the diamonds which make the tools unsuitable for specialty applications; like in the turning and grinding of the aerospace components which are made of super alloys. The cubic boron nitride despite being less hard than diamond shows better thermal stability and is preferred for tasks where extreme temperatures are achieved due to impact. The chemical resistance of CBN is also better as compared to diamonds which exhibit characteristic affinities for iron at higher temperatures. CBN wheel supplier firms make very precise products that are demanded in specific sectors like aerospace components turning, gas turbines blades and jet engines blades and vanes manufacturing. These turning and grinding applications demand the highest level of precision without any minor inconsistencies that could develop due to high temperatures or inability to turn very hard superalloys.

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