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What Are PCD / PCBN Cutting Tools?

What Are PCD / PCBN Cutting Tools?

PCBN cutting tools and inserts offer high performance for diverse cutting and turning applications

Cutting and grinding tasks are among the earliest enterprising applications that were undertaken to manufacture products of diversity. We still continue to make large numbers of products of socio-economic significance through ever refined techniques, including that of cutting, grinding and polishing. Steel, corundum and carbide cutting/grinding tools are commonly used and recently diamond tools have been accepted as next generation interventions that deliver super capabilities along with high wear resistance which is the definitive attribute of these tools.

The PCBN tools -

PCD or poly crystalline diamond tools are yet another niche in the segment of diamond cutting tools. PCD actually relates to the synthetic manufacturing of diamond in HT-HP (high temperature and high pressure) lab process. Apart from reducing the cost, which is much high for natural diamond based tools, the PCD tools are also demanded for being available in different suitable forms which may not be possible with the natural diamonds sintered tools. PCBN tools are made of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride which offers the near same (as compared to PCD) material removal and wears resistance functions because cBN is the second hardest known substance known to man after diamond. PCBN tools manufacturer companies are offering custom products to balance the cost and functionality as per applications of varying economic importance.

PCBN tools have developed fine demand

The demand of PCBN cutting tools is because of the heat and chemical resistance that the substance offers and this directly corresponds to the wear resistance against diversity of substrates to be worked upon. The cubic structure based BN (cBN) resembles the diamond and hence performs analogously to it. On the other hand, the hexagonal structure based BN resembles graphite, is soft and thus used as a lubricant and as an additive in cosmetics. The ability to make custom components with cBN is also an essential parameter that makes PCBN products more desirable for cutting, turning, drilling & grinding tasks of diversity. For manufacturing many types of custom grinders and polishers, the diamonds or PCD types could prove very expensive; especially in comparison to the applications in which these are to be used. Thus the ability to make customized PCBN tools coupled with the cost advantage makes them quite popular in the enterprising applications.

The PCBN inserts types and grades -

PCBN inserts are being made with ceramics and metallic binders as per the requirements in terms of hardness for material removal. The ceramics binder makes the insert strongly wear resistant, especially the chemical type. The CBN content in ceramics bonded insert is generally 40 to 65%. The higher CBN content like 85 to 100 % in the insert has a metallic binder which improves the toughness and wears resistance further. The CB7015 PVD coated type is a ceramics binder based CBN grade and is used for continued turning in hardened steels. The CB7025 is also ceramics based CBN grade and offers better toughness for turning the hardened steels. The CB 7050 has a high content of CBN, uses a metallic binder and offers heavy interrupted cuts in hardened steels.

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