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Wear proper protective clothing and equipment when using cut-off machines

Wear proper protective clothing and equipment when using cut-off machines

There can’t be a second opinion on the fact that safety should always be given the top priority while working with power tools. Right from practicing correct working methodologies to wearing protective clothing, every aspect of safety needs to be religiously adopted to avoid mishaps while using high speed tools such as cut-off machines. Infact while using cut-off machines, it is mandatory to follow certain precautions and safety stipulations says a reputed Manufacturer, Supplier of diamond dressers. Interested to know what they are? Go on…

Being the most essential part of construction and fabrication industries, blade in the cut-off machine is obviously the most dangerous one too. With diamond cutting tools and blades, it does not take more than a fraction of a second to cut into the flesh! Hence it is of paramount importance to protect your legs, eyes and essentially all parts of the body with the help of protective clothing and other accessories, explains a reputed diamond tools manufacturer.

  • Protective clothing: It is not an option but an absolute necessity to wear snug fitting clothing that is devoid of free movement. Again it is definitely a plus point to opt for clothing that offers resistance to cuts and flames. It is perhaps better to wear leather or cotton clothing with flame retarding properties. And finally, it would be a good idea to avoid loosely hanging cloth accessories such as ties, scarves and even jewellery.
  • Helmet: Although ignored by many as an intruding accessory, nothing else protects your head better than a safety helmet. Be it for protection against chips or accidental falls, helmets are always your life savior.
  • Face shield: While working with cut-off machines in concrete work, it is natural to encounter generation of dust and chips of substrate material. The ideal idea would be use face shield that comes with a dust mask or respirator. As a matter of fact, it is mandatory to use dust protective gears along with face shield, when you are cutting concrete or other hard substances.
  • Safety glasses: Eyes are very precious and they deserve better treatment. Hence a small investment in safety goggles can easily safeguard your eyes from minute particles that are usually generated while cutting.
  • Ear protection: A good quality ear plug or ear muff is all that is required to ward off the evil effect of noise that is normally encountered while using cut-off machines. It would be worthy to point out here that regular usage of ear protective equipments would pay rich dividends in long run.
  • Safety boots: When we talk about safety boots, go for the ones that have steel toe caps and non-slippery soles and bottom grips. Especially while indulging in wet type cuts, safety boots have the huge potential to render proper support.
  • Gloves: As we grip the handle of cut-off machines, would it not be a good safety practice to use quality gloves that provide rigid hold of the machine? Hence, leather gloves that have cut resistance properties are always a good choice for both types of applications – wet and dry.

Remember, safety is as important as arriving at perfect finish. Although both these aspects cannot be compromised, the former should be given priority than the latter for the simple reason – your life or any other body part is more precious than the job quality. Practice good safety habits and increase your productivity.

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