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Use of Diamond Cutting Tools in Various Industries

Wear proper protective clothing and equipment when using cut-off machines

Diamond grinding wheels and polishers offer proven benefits of cost and quality

Machining abilities that we developed transformed the social economy greatly and we are still making striking inventions through the use of best materials and technologies. Diamond tools have been developed for high resilient cutting and grinding purposes and utilize the extreme hardness and durability of diamond crystal against any surface. Diamond is the hardest known substance present on earth and is capable of cutting down any material ranging from metals to alloys and ceramics to plastics! While such characteristics of diamonds were known since the early days, the proper technology to use the diamonds was not present. Dedicated diamond tools manufacturers are engaged in the development of precision tools which could be gainfully utilized in diversity of engineering and other precision applications relating to metal grinding and polishing.

Diamond grinding wheels reduce heat generation and maintain quality

PCD diamond tools make use of micro sized diamonds that are fixed through high temperature and pressure application to produce the drills and cutting blades. These tools become highly wear resistant against all sorts of cutting, grinding and abrasion/polishing uses. In engineering parlance, these tools have found much acceptance due to more than one reason. While the grinding and polishing efficiency is highest for the diamond tools, the heat generation is effectively reduced through continuous impact as compared to the silicon carbide coated tools or corundum tools. Heat generation has been always a cause of concern in the engineering sectors because it distorts the nature and structure of the material and hence decreases the quality and overall value of the product that is being developed. With the diamond grinding wheels and other tools, the heat is cut down significantly and this helps in multitudes of other applications like grinding of plastics and ceramics also.

Fine cost advantage

The wear and tear with diamond grinding wheels and polishers is negligent because of the hardness quotient of diamonds. Due to reduced wear and tear characteristics, the tools like CBN wheels, diamond dressers, files and honing stones never loose the efficiencies and can be used for indefinite time without the need to replace. This ultimately brings down the cost for the manufacturer. While the initial purchasing cost could be higher as compared to the carbide and corundum tools, the same is offset and transformed into profits through long term use. The cost factor has led to high demand and acceptability of the diamond tools, especially in micro engineering sectors that work with mini lathes and mini polishing looms to develop their product. Jain precision Tools manufactures high quality PCD tools for diverse applications relating to metals, ceramics, plastics, carbon, carbon fiber and other materials.

Wide range of diamond tools being developed

The modern economy has got diversified and we find large number of products that are being produced with high finesse. The high caliber cutting, grinding and polishing methods could be credited for developing such finesse and adding value to the product. Diamond tools are getting diversified towards niche orientations and demands that are emerging in various sectors of manufacturing. Jain Precision Tools offers wide range of PCD tools that are available in different sizes and dimensions. Customized diamond tools are now being made by diamond tools manufacturers to suit the specific requirements of the verticals and workshops of entire diversity.

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