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Diamond Lapping Paste
Diamond Lapping Paste 'JPT' Brand of Diamond Lapping Paste are manufactured from pure accurately graded diamond powder. JPT's diamond lapping paste achieves scratch free surface with the highest degree of super fine finish. Many additional forming compounds are readily available for specific applications with natural and synthetic diamond. This carrier have been specially formulated to maintain a constant viscosity over a wide temperature range, are heat resistant and thus ensures maximum utility of the diamond powder.
The above properties make the paste an efficient tool in the very high precision industries where finish and cleanliness are of importance. The lapping of computer read/write heads, tape recorder heads, optical lenses, watch jewels, sapphire, watch glass, tungsten carbide parts etc., can be successfully done with these compounds.

Available in 5 gram syringes and 50 gram containers in oil soluble and universally soluble and universally soluble base and in different concentration

bullet.gif Aluminium Inserts
bullet.gif Carbide & Diamond Wire Drawing Dies
bullet.gif Ball Bearing Races
bullet.gif Ceramic & Carbide Seals
bullet.gif Extrusion Dies
bullet.gif Punches
bullet.gif Valves & Seats
bullet.gif Watch Jewels
bullet.gif Optical Lenses
bullet.gif Wear Parts
bullet.gif Metallographic Specimens
bullet.gif Plastic Injection Moulds
bullet.gif Plug, Ring & Thread Gauges
bullet.gif Precious & Semi - Precious Stones
Important Application Factors
bullet.gif Material of the lap
bullet.gif Grit concentration and chemical composition of the compound
bullet.gif Size of the powder
bullet.gif Working pressure
bullet.gif Sliding Speed
bullet.gif Cleanliness
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