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Plated CBN For Aerospace Applications.

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Highly stable plated CBN wheels deliver finest results defined by perfection

The use of metals started very early when human civilizations learned the science of metallurgy and alchemy. Throughout, we have developed refinements and improvisations that were accomplished in response to the ever superior applications of diversity in the social economy. Some applications were challenging enough to be attempted by the ordinary technologies and warranted special techniques. The aerospace sector is one such challenging field wherein every aspect demands super level precision and quality; failing which, everything including lives would be at stake! One specific challenge develops from the superalloys that are used in the manufacture of turbine blades and vanes. While the alloys have been developed that are extremely hard, the ability to machine them in the custom manner presents the difficulty. Plated CBN grinding wheels have been developed to deliver the requisite functional attributes and dimensions.

Why are plated CBN wheels better choice in aerospace manufacturing?

Diamond has been rightly accepted as a great abrasive because of the supreme hardness quotient of it. While it effectively removes the material from the toughest of metals and nonmetallic substrates, the equations change significantly when it comes to the aerospace sector; mainly because of the superalloys that are used in the manufacture of the components like engine turbines. These alloys are no ordinary complexes but have been deliberately developed to withstand extremely high combustion temperatures to the tune of 1400 degree centigrade or more! This warrants highly versatile structure which also presents the challenge to get machined for desired dimensional attributes.

The use of diamonds has been found inappropriate because these start to lose their characteristic hardness at temperatures of 800 degree centigrade or more - a thermal condition that necessarily develops when diamond tools find impact with superalloys for purpose of machining! Plated CBN wheels have achieved an advantage along this dimension as these can withstand the impact driven super temperatures without losing the hardness and thus without suffering wear. CBN wheels manufacturer firms are making different products to suit the requirements of diverse aerospace components.

Plated CBN wheels serve effectively at high temperatures

Plated CBN grinding wheels actually have a layer of CBN or cubical boron nitride - a compound that is highly resistant to the extreme temperatures, unlike the diamonds! This makes the grinding wheels very effective for precision material removal functions because the high temperature produced due to impact does not denature the abrasive layer. CBN is also chemically inert; especially as compared to the affinities that diamond exhibits for iron at high temperatures.

The electroplating technology

The electroplating technology is employed to make the plated CBN wheels and a thin layer of the super abrasive cubical boron nitride is deposited on a solid core wheel. The manufacturing of these wheels has to be done in a controlled manner such that the bond material remains below the tips of the abrasive grains. This ensures better efficiency and lesser power consumption also. A worn out wheel is often available for re-electroplating without the need to replace it with a new one. This directly transforms into the economy in the manufacture/turning of the aerospace components and gas turbines.

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