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6 Surprising Uses for Diamonds

6 Surprising Uses for Diamonds

While many of us easily assign diamonds with jewelry and recognize its name with precious stones, there are many other applications that are associated with them. Yes, apart from being used to decorate your jewels, it finds massive uses in other areas ranging from fabrication industry to electronics. Ofcourse these applications make use of synthetic ones and may not enjoy the quality of color, cut, clarity, and carat that are very much necessary for jewelry applications. But nevertheless it has its own importance in each and every other industrial or medical application it is involved with. Being a reputed firm for diamond cutting and grinding wheels, it is indeed our pleasure to introduce the role of diamonds in other avenues.

  • Speaker domes: Yes, we are talking about the public addressing instruments, which are otherwise known as speaker domes. Scientists have devised an easy way to enhance the performance of speaker domes – by installing diamonds. Being a very rigid material, the efficiency of diamonds in public addressing system can be easily attributed towards its ability to vibrate rapidly without degrading the quality of sound.
  • Diamond windows: Have you ever wondered which materials are behind used to cover opening in sophisticated electronic instruments like x-ray machines, LASER, and vacuum chambers? Infact, the ability of diamond to withstand high temperature and abrasion, transparent appearance and durability are few reasons for its overwhelming worthiness in the above mentioned sophisticated machines. Also it is worth mentioning here that the economic upper hand of synthetic diamonds makes it easy for its application in countless appliances.
  • Dental science: We bet, you would find it difficult to accept this – diamond tipped tools are extensively used by dentists all over the world to clear the debris developed in the cavities and fine-tune the process of dental polishing job. Thanks to the abrasive nature of diamond, dentists find it easy to use diamond tipped tools to clear the tough stains on teeth.
  • Oil rigs: Yes, you have guessed it correctly and the hardness of diamond is perfectly leveraged in oil exploration drills. Tipped at the bottom of huge drills deployed for oil exploration, diamond makes its hardness work and finds the trapped natural resources such as petrol, diesel, and natural gas. Infact, it is the high abrasive nature of diamond that makes it possible for extensive application in fabrication and construction companies.
  • Electronic domain: There are few materials in this world that have excellent heat conductivity and unarguably diamond is one among them. The high heat conductance property of diamond is being smartly harnessed by scientists and has been redesigned as heat sink to facilitate easy and faster supercomputing.
  • Engraving: If you wish to get stones such as granite and quartz etched permanently, the only safe idea would be to use diamond cutting tools. But what is the reason behind it? Although diamonds are hard and abrasive, it would not even create unwanted scratch on hard surfaces. Isn’t that wonderful?

Are you interested to learn more about diamonds and its application in various sectors of your industry? To know more about the application of diamond dressers or in high speed tools, you can always get in touch with us so that an informed decision can always be adopted by you.

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